Practicing a One-Flash Set-Up with my New SB-700

Since I bought myself a SB-700 as a Christmas present, I thought I might should try to practice shooting some portraits with it. When better to practice some indoor shots than on a rainy day? So I made my brother put on a nice shirt, and we went outside into the garage to practice some strobist portraits. I put my D5200 and 80-200 AF-S on my new monopod because at the max flash sync speed of 1/200 for my camera, I knew I could possibly have some camera shake issues. I grabbed some drop cloths to hang on the garage door as a backdrop, I used my one and only tripod as a flash stand, because I don’t really have a flash stand. Messed around with both on and off camera flash, using my on-camera flash as a commander and the SB-700 as a slave. Used some large white shipping envelopes as a reflector. I was pretty happy with how they came out, but I really really really need a soft box or an umbrella…I also need some radio triggers – probably gonna buy some $35 Yongnuo transceivers. Here’s my favorite shot from the morning, it could have been better with a reflector behind the bro lighting his hair, or even another flash. Still have lots of learning to do, but this was a fair start. Check out the whole album on Flickr here: DSC_0137

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