Lincoln Ladies vs Chiles in the District Play-Offs

Last night I had the opportunity to support my high school alma mater by attending the play-off game for women’s soccer. It was chilly, but no wind – wonderful weather, and the crowd that gathered was larger than any I’d ever seen for a high school match. The atmosphere was perfect. I was prepared for my photography as well: I’d figured out my focusing issues with burst mode, I’ve made the switch to RAW for most applications, I had two batteries, and two memory cards (or so I thought…) When I arrived however, to my dismay I realized I had only my 16 gig card, which, when shooting RAW allows only 400 or so images to be written, I decided to make the most of it.

In what turned out to be a rousing, exciting game filled with teamwork, athleticism, and fouls, I found myself more awake and excited than I had been in quite a while, and when Lincoln scored the game-winning goal in the final minutes of the match, I let out an un-professional cheer of triumphant joy. Make no mistake! I will be at the Lincoln v Leon Regionals Championship on Friday.

And as a bonus – these are some of the best high school soccer photos that I think I’ve shot; nailed most of my focuses, and that makes shooting at ISO 3200 less scary! Please check out the full album here:

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