How Grateful I Am: The ArenaPro Series


The ArenaPro Series has currently taken over Mesa, Arizona! As I have been keeping up with it via the SwimSwam Twitter account, and via Mike Lewis’ OlaVista Photography over Flickr, I realized how lucky I was to be able to see just a single session of the ArenaPro Series Orlando Grand Prix. I was able to walk in with my USASwimming coaching credentials, whip out my camera on deck, and get up-close and personal swimming photos of world-famous athletes. I also had the privilege of watching my dear friend Riley race at the meet, and I got an ArenaPro coaching credential out of it too!

It definitly didn’t feel like a big deal at the time, but now, I fully appreciate what I had, and I’m really going to strive over the next several months to a year to be able to get legitimate media credentials for similar large swim meets, and maybe some football games! And of course…I’d love to actually be there as a functioning coach too – but one can’t have everything.

If you didn’t see them in February, enjoy the shots from the meet at the link to Flickr below:

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