Why So Many Swimming Pool Photos?


Many of you may wonder why I have so many pictures of swimmers, in and around pools. Well, the pool has been my life for many years. Outside of school, the pool has been one of my primary means of exercise, and over the last several years, between teaching swim lessons, and coaching, has been my primary means of part-time income as well. Even on evenings like tonight, where I wasn’t swimming, and I wasn’t coaching, I was there anyways to tote my younger brother back and forth, and to talk to my fellow coaches – who also happen to be some of my closest friends.

This is really obvious when you look at the book I had printed recently. Out of a little more than seventy pictures, I believe thirty or thirty-five of them were of swimmers, either at the pool or elsewhere, or were swimming-related. Basically, the pool is probably the place I spend the most time outside of school and home – either when I’m in the water, or on deck. As such, I find many opportunities for photographs, that both challenge me to continually hone my skills and my photographic eye, and that many others will appreciate.

The challenge truly is to open your eyes to the beauty and emotions around you, even in the places you frequent the most, and where you may have become jaded in your photography.


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