2015 ACC Outdoor Track and Field Championships

When I first saw that FSU was hosting the ACC Outdoor Track and Field Championships at Mike Long Track, I immediately decided that I wanted to go and watch, and possibly shoot some pictures! And thus, I ended up spending probably around nine or ten hours around the track over the last three days. Out of 332 images that I kept, these are, well, maybe not the best, but my favorite.

In chronological order, starting with Thursday evening:


A sprinter from Pitt lifts a cross to his lips prior to the prelims of the 200m. He actually found me later in the day and got my business card, and did find my Facebook page!


Colleen Quigley of FSU leads the prelims of the Women’s 1500m, an event she would win two days later in Finals.


The Starter’s gun…although I am struggling to remember which event this was, Thursday evening.


A Georgia Tech long-jumper at the point of impact.


The lead triplet part-way through the 10,000m, with a member of the ACC Video Crew going for the low-angle. Something I wish I’d had the room to do all weekend, but the fencing around the track got in the way.


The second-place finisher in the 10,000m displays the joy and pain of finishing a 30+ minute all-out event.


Virginia me appeared to dominate the early laps of the Men’s 10,000m.

Friday evening:


Prelims of the pole vault, with a Duke vaulter easily clearing the bar.


An FSU sprinter powering out of the blocks in the 400m prelims.


A moment of personal silence before the 400m prelims.


There’s a storm a-brewin’…




Filip Mihaljevic of UVA didn’t let a little rain keep him from winning the shot put. I actually had the pleasure of meeting him today, and he seems like a friendly fellow, actually took the initiative and introduced himself to me!


The coolest freaking event – 3000m steeplechase, heat two of the women.


I took substantially fewer photos today then the other day, partially because I was there for less than an hour, and partially because I took it as a challenge to use only single shot mode, and not burst like I had the rest of the weekend.


This is perhaps the image I’m most proud of out the entire weekend. This is (to me) the epitome of capturing the moment. This is the final of the Men’s 100m – capturing the exact time that the men broke the finish. Tevin Hester of Clemson took the ACC title today, and should’ve taken the ACC record, but the wind was just SLIGHTLY too quick – 2.1 m/s when it should’ve been 2.0. FSU took second and third in this event.


Jordan Young took second place in the discus but .01m, losing out to his teammate Filip Mihaljevic, and is seen here lamenting the tiny distance he was behind.

Overall, an excellent use of my time, and it was inspiring as usually to watch talented athletes compete in sport(s) they love.

Best regards, and I hope you enjoyed the brief write – up, and if you want to check out the full album, find it here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/colinabbeyphotography/sets/72157652882375395

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