August: Creatures, School Starts, and a Soccer Mindset

Since August has started, my photography has dropped off, since most of my summer images were taken at the pool, and I stopped bringing my camera after the summer season was officially over. When I did pull my camera out, it was usually at home to snap some pictures of critters in the yard.20054249470_659e06a50e_k 20640122265_049db1fc31_k 20659054205_d9488b8123_b


I did do some other shoots though: I played with some long exposures, went out to a Tallahassee Police Department TAC Team practice, shot a beer mile, and most importantly (and most fun for me!), I shot my first soccer match in months. It is important for me to start getting back in the soccer mindset, as I will hopefully be shooting a variety of games this season. Stay tuned… 😉

20337983721_11f8fcfd58_k 20722682226_0ebe06c133_k 20801985955_6294db9ff8_k 20775640326_0d45db7df1_k20804146041_87a9b3eaaf_k


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