I wanted to share a small selection of photos from my time in Chicago, including the race, and my touristy adventures as well – but after two or three failed attempts at writing a lengthy blog post to go along with them, I decided that it was best to just let the images speak for themselves, because a picture is worth 1000 words, and I doubt that even in writing could I effectively convey all of my emotions from the trip.

So with minimal other writing and captions, here comes a chronological photo story starting Thursday morning, and running until Saturday evening.12006548_10203564875842108_3908573300876713702_o 21409485498_ded9b65f6a_k

20976217733_23aa68dcad_k 20974550774_91cfdaecb6_k

21597414345_74780276bd_k 21409522688_9069b4cd96_k21409316650_ada21d803f_k 21606230811_73246ba842_k21606232421_3f07b21589_k 21410445399_7812fab3f5_k 11707919_1650815601827624_146125165484008341_o 21409563778_3d77a724e4_k 21571215246_ef9785120e_k 21586057432_33fb683905_k 21571219766_93885ad1ad_k 20974617964_9a7183459b_k 20976305273_5eee401490_k 20976305833_114b55818e_k11998991_10204947767758918_417913988748813713_n

^Taken by my mother…

20976279813_3de5dfcf79_k 12022137_10204948599459710_915137112_o

^Taken by my mother…


^Screen shot from the ITU website


^Google image result…think I saw one of these during the ride

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.43.20 PM

^Nils Nilsen copyright


21606304161_2a463836c1_k 20976337983_c76172abd3_k

^Taken by my mother…

21409408490_9df85cf081_k 21606319411_a8baf13f38_k 21530203686_703e3ae493_k

I had 114 images in the album from the weekend, so I thought this might be an easier way to digest some of them. Overall, it was certainly a race and a trip that I won’t ever forget.



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