This is the time of year that school and coaching pick up simultaneously, and as such, even though I have not been working out as much, between my two primary time commitments, and whatever shooting jobs I’ve had, I haven’t had the opportunity to share many images on social media. So I thought I’d put out a super quick blog post here with a healthy does of some of my pictures over the last month or so for y’all’s viewing pleasure, and I don’t really have a theme or order in posting, but I will try to add a brief caption to some of the shots to help you know when/where it was and what was going on.

I’ll just start out with a couple quick iPhone shots, since sometimes the urge to take a picture strikes when I’m not carrying thousands of dollars of DSLR equipment around, and since my iPhone 5s actually has a pretty damn good camera.


This one was a screen shot of a slow-mo video, it was 6-ish in the morning, and I needed some help waking up before doing more homework at Engineering Campus


This is a shot from a side of campus that I don’t normally venture on to: the College of Arts and Sciences, with flashy and innovative art students adding Arizona Tea to their bicycles…


And, you know, well, butterfly images never REALLY get old or go out of style.

But now let’s get into the meat of my photography recently: DSLR images.


This was taken in Cascades Park one afternoon while I was waiting for my iPhone screen to get repaired.

21896062430_3fee25703d_k 21896180610_1e6be048cc_k 21896510898_f7e4e9c6ab_k 21461792254_877603a781_k 21463510843_26c3670288_k 21897757099_5483197ae0_k

The six images above were all taken on assignment for the FSView at the FSU v Miami Marching Chiefs Pre-Game Skull Session, where they were honoring one of their members who had passed away that week. The drum majors arranged a version of “Amazing Grace,” brought the former Chief’s brother on field, and as a whole band, in front of thousands of people, played a heart-wrenching song that surely did justice to their friend and brother’s memory.

22072295222_9c36877a27_o 21463719163_0f1d8c9eef_k 21896776680_279d6ef62b_k 22072372702_786e002955_k 22058822896_8c6b8aa1e1_k

The swim shots above highlight my current shooting trend of trying to get in tighter – I swing back and forth all the time from wanting a wide shot, to wanting more and MoRe and MORE zoom to get in close. These were all taken at my favorite pool for swimming photography, where the morning sun hits the lanes and swimmers at a perfect angle for brilliantly lit shots, with highly saturated colors, and great detail at low ISOs. And sort of a PS – the top image in the set of swim shots is very clearly while the sun was hidden behind the clouds: can you all see the difference in color?

And now, for the grand sport that I’ve had more fun shooting this semester than I could have imagined – WOMEN’S COLLEGIATE SOCCER!!!!!


I’ve been working on my editing techniques for increased resolution and color fidelity during night games, and then of course, every photographer LOVES shooting day games because you don’t have to worry about lighting, and overcast games are even better, because the lighting is there, but it’s muted, so you don’t get harsh shadows!

21474433004_74d2967749_k 22071271846_0648c69739_k

^This is one of my favorite shots recently – it’s not the most inspiring image, but I like the composition, and, well, I dunno, the UNC girl had pushed the ball out, but the ref either didn’t see it, or didn’t call it, but whatever, the ball stayed in play, and we ended up winning the game!


Especially after the UNC v FSU game, some of my shots received some special attention, and were featured on a couple national news outlets, like ESPNW, and the ACC. FSU Athletics even used on of my images to make a graphic out of.

22005866220_76ff6862cc_b 22007050729_110aa210fa_b 21518824583_d0e54f36fb_b

And just for kicks and giggles I like comparing my work with that of the professionals who shoot the games…I shoot from a lower angle, and with a wider angle lens, and our works are quite different…


In the above screenshot, my photo is on the left, and Larry Novey’s (the contracted pro’s) is on the right.


In between all of this in my daily schedule, I get to shoot the occasional random portrait, like this Paint it Pink group portrait for the FSU Athletic Training Staff (this isn’t all of them, this is just the graduate assistants, but was the most fun photo of the day).

And now, the most recent images, from the Bolles Invitational this past weekend, where I did take my camera, but as I was on of two primary coaches, I didn’t shoot too much as I was actually coaching.

22103213888_3aa9fed147_k 22264936016_716ecc5426_k 22103335958_a381b17eda_k 21668364314_7a0bfe133f_k 21670260833_c96762e345_k 22103606468_981c73b517_k

The Bolles School has such a beautiful campus, as it better have, for the price one pays to attend school there…


The pool was strongly backlight for a good bit of the day from where I was sitting, but with a little practice and effort, you can get some nice, contrasty images with some cool “POP,” that just isn’t possible with normally lit situations.

And again, as I said, I was unable to take a whole lot of pictures of athletes that I know, and I don’t have too much interest in shooting images of random athletes, but I love candid crowd shots, and so I did focus on some of the activity that was on and around the pool deck, rather than in the water.

22103903758_e52060c364_k 22278753092_80fbc91087_k 21670617713_fa816a667e_k

So that’s that. If you care, I hope you’re a little caught up on my photography life over the last several weeks, and as always, I hope you enjoyed what few words I had to write and say, and I REALLY hope that you enjoyed my images.

Have an excellent day, and enjoy!


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