Last weekend was a whirlwind of travel and high-level, important shooting. This week was quite relaxing in comparison. That being said, I felt odd…weird…not normal, all week. I just felt a general malaise – a lack of energy and motivation. It was an odd feeling that I haven’t experienced in a long while. Class and work passed as if I was stuck in a haze…

Regardless I still got a good bit done.

Monday, I played around with some food/stock photography work on a white background with a flash…as compensation for not being able to eat the cookie…


I also captured this rare candid shot of the coach I report to…


Tuesday (and Thursday) I spent a good bit of time at the Engineering Campus, and no matter whether or not I bring a real camera, I always have my eye open for potential pictures. Like this one!


Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending a friend and coworker’s college swimming signing ceremony and taking some pictures along the way…he is an amazing, inspiring individual, and I have the highest hopes for him in the future.


I also kept my camera on me for the rest of the day, and grabbed this shot with a flash after the swim practice I was coaching got cancelled.


Friday – I finally felt normal. Relaxed, and ready, I showed up to the first FSU Soccer Match I’d been able to shoot in three weeks. It ended up being the least exciting, most boring possible match I could’ve imagined. 5-0 and the other team played dirty. So boring that the crowd had opportunities to photograph me, photographing people, and then share them on Facebook…


But I did get a few shots…


^In tears…


And then today I shot another round of the NCAA playoffs, with FSU facing off against Auburn, and this is some of what I got!


^GTFO here… 😉 hahahahahaha


^The above shot is a HUGEEEEEE crop…


Annnnnddddddd, I ordered a new book of prints!! One of which, is this:


It’s not the best, but I liked it, and I needed a filler page. On that note, I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief, and probably semi-incoherent, distracted post. But in the end it’s the images that matter.


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