It’s been almost eleven months since I photographed high school soccer. Since then, I’ve both upgraded my equipment, and practiced to improve my skills. I have spent time photographing all of the FSU matches that I could attend, and several ASG club matches.

Having shot these other soccer matches, and having gotten to talk to and observe some professionals who are far better at it than I, I had a much better idea of where to stand, composition, and I’ve gotten much better at tracking the ball.


This is a pretty typical team, pre-game huddle shot, but I liked the soccer balls in the foreground.


Out of everything I kept from last night, these were my top picks…


It is interesting going photographing high school soccer after doing so much college soccer. The girls, are actually, well girls. They’re so much smaller and slower than the college players. Again, I feel like there’s less fire and passion…but on the plus side, I think it’s easier to shoot the high school games and get reasonable images versus tracking the far faster and more talented college players. Regardless, it was good practice for the FSU NCAA playoff on Friday, and as it’s Thanksgiving week, I’m always thankful to have the time, ability, and equipment to go out and photograph.

Enjoy, and if you know anyone in these pictures (because I certainly don’t), feel free to share it with them, or this link (that has a couple more shots that aren’t included here).

Flickr Album!!


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