In a very similar fashion to what I did in the Spring, I thought that this semester I would try and document the rather stressful last two weeks of school through the viewfinder of my camera, both while at school, and while not. And so, partly as a result of the number of images I took and have added to this post, and partly as a result of my laziness now that school is over, there is no grandiose many-word story to accompany these images, and there are only a few captions. So do try and enjoy – I thought that some of the shots I captured over the last two weeks were actually pretty cool, and had I either A) not had my camera, or B) not been doing finals-related things, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to see/snap them.

Saturday, 11/29/15


Sunday 11/29/15


Monday 11/30/15


Tuesday 12/1/15


Wednesday 12/2/15

My first final!


Thursday 12/3/15


Friday 12/4/15


Saturday 12/5/15


Sunday 12/6/15


Monday 12/7/15


Tuesday, 12/8/15

SECOND FINAL. This was the big, hard, important one…


Wednesday 12/9/15


Thursday 12/10/15

No pictures…but here is a time-lapse!!!


Friday 12/11/15


And lastly – after turning in that last assignment: a reward for myself.


We’ll see if my grades turn out as well as I’m hoping.

Now onwards to Christmas Break – and really getting back into shape!

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