Well, tomorrow marks the beginning of a new week…this week has been extraordinarily busy, but pretty darn satisfying too.

Started the week out Monday with some splendid weather, and what is now becoming a weekly walk around campus between two of my classes, where the gap is too small to be practical, but awkwardly long as well…


Tuesday was SUPER productive, and I DESTROYED some challenging homework, and overall just felt amazing all day.


Wednesday, I was quite a bit more stressed and busy than on Tuesday, but I did get my late birthday gift from my parents (that I picked out…) – a teleconverter: it’s basically a baby lens that mounts between the camera and the telephoto lens, and makes the lens “zoomier,” at the cost of a little image quality and light-gathering ability.


I also was asked for the second year in a row, to photograph the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which was held on the 22nd floor of the Florida Capitol this year.

And so these are just a small selection of the shots from the event, and reception.


On Thursday…no pictures were taken…but I couldn’t actually remember what day this was taken (they all blur together…I did look it up though, and it was Tuesday…), so let’s pretend it was taken Thursday…


Friday, I took a good few images while I was wandering to and from classes, and I spent a good bit of time playing with the teleconverter, trying to test and see what and how exactly it impacted image quality. (The image immediately below is a vertical panorama made with my iPhone)


And then Saturday…a day of relative photographical disappointment. It wasn’t that I was making poor pictures, but they just weren’t up to my normal standard, and I don’t know why…I can hypothesize about a variety of reasons…but…no one probably cares. But I shot FSU v Clemson men’s hoops, where I did try a couple new spots, but I didn’t really get anything astonishing, and then I shot one of the big local invitational swim meets that’s hosted by the team I coach for, and was perpetually disappointed with the lighting in the natatorium.



^She caught me creepin’…


There ya go. My week in review. Check in on Facebook tomorrow for more swimming pictures, if you happen to be interested in that.


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