What a busy week for me! The current way I’ve been (attempting?) to balance my schedule has me focusing primarily on school and coaching during the week, and shooting freely and enjoying myself on the weekend.

With a few exceptions…this past Monday, I shot the FSU Women’s Basketball Team’s annual “Paint it Pink” game, where they played against #2 Notre Dame this year…and although we lost, I thought we looked reasonably strong, and I was pretty pleased with the images that I got.


Before this next one, I’d like to point out that while shooting sports, I’ve been trying to make the move to shoot JPGs, so all I have to do is crop and deliver the image. It means I can use my iPad Mini too…and then I’ve been shooting RAW to the other card. And with very few exceptions, most of the images in this post (and the last several) have been un-edited: no noise-reduction, color-correction, sharpening, etc.

But…sometimes I do a little bit of editing in an attempt to get something to “POP!”


Then I shot some random images throughout the week, mostly just playing around when I could’ve been working out – but I still couldn’t get my breathing to cooperate enough to get any aerobic exercise done…unfortunately.


Re-edited an image from my trip to Chicago in September for World Championships…


Some fisheye fun on the pool deck before coaching on Thursday…(these are edited…)


Then another one at home…because…well…because bored.


Then Friday ARRIVED! Yeah! The school week was finally (almost) over! Coached at 5:30 in the morning, then headed to Engineering Campus. After a quick lab, drove over to main campus, and snapped this shot on my way to class with my iPhone.


Went to class, did some homework…had a meeting, and on the way back to my car, captured this in Strozier:


I also took the opportunity to drop by the softball fields, and take in a little bit of the sport without my camera: hence, no images from that stop.

But after coaching that evening, I did show up to the softball field with my camera(s)! The lighting felt better to me than it did the previous week at night, but I also wasn’t shooting with the teleconverter on, so…yeah, that makes a big difference. I also wrote a blog post that I think is worth taking a look at here…(Pro tip – it’s really short and sweet). I think it’s also worth it to note that I shot in single-shot mode all evening Friday: I got really disappointed with myself on Monday at the Women’s Hoops game, that I was missing so much and had 10 FPS to use, and that I was just getting a ton of garbage. So…I thought I’d work on timing…


Come Saturday morning, I coached, then decided to go over to the softball field early, just to get some practice shooting the game, even if FSU wasn’t playing in the tournament yet. But I got sidetracked, and ended up shooting an open beach volleyball tournament instead of practicing my softball photography skills…


Having never shot beach volleyball before, and only ever shot “real” volleyball once, I approached with caution. I watched the gameplay for fifteen minutes or so before I even cracked open my camera case. And then I proceeded to shoot on single shot mode again. Because my timing needs work and has gotten sloppy since I stopped shooting all the headers that happen in FSU Soccer…

I also talked with one of the women who was playing, and a couple of other people so I could find a place to post the images I shot, the woman who was playing was kind enough to take a picture of me – after joking about how photographers hardly ever get enough pictures taken of them…


And on that note: here’s a triptych I made from some images a buddy of mine snapped the weekend prior, and then sent them to me Tuesday, I think…


Then across the street, where I shot maybe three whole softball images of another team, including this one…I don’t know anything about softball, so, what is posted there makes ZERO sense.


And while I did catch a few nice images from the start of the first FSU Softball game on Saturday, it’s a bear to figure out which images came from which game. (They played at 2:30, and then again at 5:00). So I’ll just jump in to the FSU vs Notre Dame Men’s Basketball game that I shot.

I ended up shooting only the first half of this game, since I wanted to make at least twenty or so good softball images, but I thought I had a pretty solid game of shooting at basketball, and the team made a nice showing, by upsetting Notre Dame.


Then back across campus to shoot softball…


I also had an interesting (somewhat nervous at first) conversation with the Sports Information Director for Softball (and Soccer) in-between games yesterday…

If you keep up with my blog, you may recognize this image:


If you don’t follow my blog, chances are you don’t recognize it, as I only posted it here, and on my backup site in the cloud. But apparently, the softball player found it! (Go you, intrepid woman!) And she posted it to Instagram, and…wait for it – CREDITED ME!!!!! She was the first athlete that I know of, that I’ve shot, to have credited me on an image that they used on social media!!!!!!!!!


But, I wasn’t tagged in it, so I didn’t get a notification, and didn’t even realize she’d used it. Until the SID called my attention to it, and asked if I sent images privately to the girls…which is apparently a no-no. So I ended up being totally in the right, but the conversation with the SID was sort of awkward, especially since the image was one I hadn’t sent him…but oh well, one of the athletes credited me!! I just can’t get over that. And she’s one of only a few that have responded in a timely fashion when I comment.


Yeah…I’m really excited about an athlete giving me credit…         🙂

Skip forward to today, where I still don’t know what’s going on in the sport called softball, and I really struggled to capture a set of worthwhile images…


Lucky for me there was a nice, big Women’s Basketball game versus Miami that I could redeem myself at…


Overall, an successful week at school and coaching little munhckins in the pool, even if it was less successful with moving me toward a fitter future. And over the weekend…well, I shot a crapload of frames that I’m going to need to back up the RAW files for (I recently filled up an entire terabyte hard drive with images…now I need a new one…), but for the most part, I had a good time being outside, and I thought my two days shooting basketball were pretty solid.

As always, thank you for your time, I hope I didn’t ramble too much today.

Best regards,


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