The title says it all! Baseball, Basketball, Women’s Basketball NCAA Selection Show, and Softball times three. Not much to report on this week, so I’ll caption as necessary, but I wanted to share the images…I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: I dislike sharing on Facebook, and I think the images actually look better here than there.


Baseball versus Georgia Tech last Sunday – game three of a three game series.


Monday: Women’s Basketball, and the NCAA Selection Show.


Tuesday: The differences in editing fisheye shots (of an older building on campus), and Men’s Basketball, in the NIT first round, versus Davidson.




^This was my favorite image from the basketball game – the lighting, reflections, shadows, etc were all very nice, and the framing provided by the Davidson player made it pretty nice, in my opinion.


^This was probably the play of the game, and unfortunately, this rather poor image was the best I got of it…


^Second favorite of the game…


^This one ticked me because they came over and grabbed me and asked if I could take it…I hope they got it – I submitted it, but they’re not on social media as far as I can tell, and I’m TECHNICALLY not supposed to send stuff to athletes directly, even if I found them…

Headed to class (or studying) various days…


Playing around…


Softball, Saturday and Sunday…probably my best weekend of softball yet, and definitely better than any of my baseball attempts.


‘Cuse versus Florida State


^Alumni throwing out the first pitch(es)


^Probably my favorite image…


^I was just messing around with the fisheye here, and got it back on the computer and was really pleased, since I hadn’t realized the glove was embroidered, and that I had actually managed to get all of Jessica Warren’s head on the top of the frame.


^I also really liked this one – feet off the ground, ball visible, and a cool shadow…


^Catcher interference – see the glove coming off the hand?


Like I said: not many comments today, because I just wanted to share some images. Best regards to all!



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