Not a whole lot of work to showcase this week: some random images, and two innings of baseball.

I did write two brief posts, about swimming photography and random acts of kindness.

Monday and Tuesday were consumed with schoolwork, and coaching.

Wednesday, I photographed the first two innings of what turned out to be a nail-bighter baseball game against UCF, going right into the 11th inning, with FSU victorious by a only a single run.

I thought I might try making a gallery type of post here for these baseball shots, just to see how it works, as I’ve been told a couple times that my posts can be a little…overwhelming with images…

iPhone picture from on campus prior to the game…


And some before coaching the same day…


Then Thursday, I received a new toy that I had ordered…I’ve wanted a film-era manual focus lens for a while, and I found a GREAT deal on the website, and hopped on it. It fills a general niche in my lens collection, and (as I had hoped) been helping inspire me creatively a bit more. It’s also either my smallest, or second smallest lens, so carrying the camera with me just got easier too.


Focus is buttery smooth, and it’s tack-freaking sharp. Probably not a sports lens, but as a general purpose wide-angle, it’s awesome! The rest of the images were taken with it…


Psych! I lied…this one was taken with my iPhone…


I debated whether to put this in here…but it’s one of my favorite pieces of graffiti around town…so…


And then two shots from today…because – as those currently residing in Tallahassee know – it’s been raining pretty consistently yesterday and today, and apparently baseball doesn’t get played in the rain! Both the games against NC State this weekend were perpetually postponed, and then cancelled. So I did a lot of driving in the rain for no shooting…


Also, for those interested, and sort of as a comment about the above image, Google’s Nik collection of editing plugins is available for free – formerly $150…I used them to edit a few shots in this post and the one I put up yesterday.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 4.29.56 PM


On that note – Happy Easter, and stay dry!

Best wishes and regards,


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