For as long as I can remember, large-scale public works projects have always fascinated me. As I progress through my civil engineering major, I appreciate increasingly more of the design and engineering that goes in to things. However, to me – the most impressive thing about these huge projects, is how a highly-educated individual (or small group of individuals) can take incredibly complex engineering designs, and boil them down to something that hundreds upon hundreds of laborers can make use of to construct the final product.

Today, I had the opportunity to venture inside Doak S. Campbell Stadium: home to the Florida State Seminoles. I was taken on a guided tour of the many renovations that are being implemented. And I was allowed to photograph them as well!

I had thought about waiting to post until later this week, but I really couldn’t. While I do like most of these images, it wasn’t the photography that inspired me to post today, but just the “cool” factor. From an engineering perspective, the tour was incredibly intriguing, and from a people-perspective, as always, I was fascinated with the trickle-down planning and the massive amount of communication involved.

So enjoy the pictures! (I’m trying out the gallery-style format again). In addition to the Doak images, I also visited a construction site in College Town, that will be apartments some time in the near future…

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