This was a pretty light week of shooting for me: nothing too serious, just a lot of playing around.

Monday, I worked up this HDR image of the inside of Dodd Hall on Florida State Campus:


And then this shot in a median on campus immediately afterwards:


Tuesday, I was very excited to have been able to go inside the Doak Campbell renovation construction site, and the construction site in College Town that will be home to new apartments.


Tuesday, I posted that day about the tours, and if you haven’t seen it, and would like an inside look at these rather large, and expensive projects, check out the gallery here!

I also re-edited this FSU Football image of Dalvin Cook, during his record-setting game against NC State in November:


Every day, I walk by Landis Green on FSU Campus. Some days, I walk buy when the sun is rising – beaming its morning warmth across all of the greenery on the quad. This image doesn’t do what I envisioned justice, but I look at it and just imagine little people running around a tree-sized fern forest…


We also had an awards ceremony at my club swim team, Thursday, and after I finished coaching one of the groups, I took the opportunity to shoot some candids.


This one is of me and a kid whose family is pretty awesome, but they’re going to be leaving after school gets out just before summer starts.


This is a shot of one of my friends who coaches the synchronized swim team – she is helping practice one of her swimmer’s solo, on the land.

Friday, I left Tallahassee around noon, to travel to Atlanta with several of my coaching coworkers to attend a coaching conference.

Got back in to town today, and all week I’ve been wanting to try and get a sunset picture at a local park near college campus, but times and weather haven’t been cooperating.

So today, I managed to convince one of my friends to come explore and shoot with me…


I then tried to to do an HDR panorama of the glorious oak tree in the park: it’s the main attraction. I found out that I still have a HUGE amount to learn about HDR, and even though most of the panorama came out well, I missed a section, so the image is essentially ruined.

Before cropping (120 images total, 25 individual HDR images stitched together):


After editing and attempting to salvage the file…


Fall back – five frame HDR, with the 24mm prime. Probably pushed a little too hard in Adobe Lightroom, but I liked it better than the botched pano.


And that’s it for this week!

Thanks for perusing the post! This coming week is probably going to be a little light: I’ve got lots of homework and at least one exam, plus work. But we’ll see.

Best regards!

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