NOT 2000+ pictures in this post, haha. But from Saturday to Sunday, I captured more than 2000 frames – maybe more like 2500 or 3000, but I didn’t really count.

Most of the week was consumed with studying and school.

I did recently acquire a pair of goalkeepers gloves, even though I don’t play soccer, let alone goalie – but I felt like I had to take a selfie with them…

Set up in my garage, no backdrop, just some technical knowledge and flashes…

Straight out of camera:


After editing:


Saw these super cute little goslings after I finished my Friday morning lab…


Then this candid on FSU campus…


Then yesterday morning, I photographed the 2016 Red Hills Triathlon – an event that I have raced six times in the last eight year.

Here are some of my favorite images, that I’ve gone and through and edited. I shot more than 1600, and culled that down to a gallery of 530-ish that can be found on Facebook HERE.

Then I headed over to FSU to edit the morning’s images, and shot the second of a three game series of Softball versus N.C. State…

Today I was asked to photograph FSU Men’s Tennis, as it was Senior Day and there weren’t a whole lot of other available photographers…

And then I promptly headed over to softball again for the Paint It Pink game (the third game in the NCSU series).



And in other news I was kindly asked while at the softball game today, if I had any images that NC State could use to showcase their new uniforms…(I was very kindly asked by their SID) and so I helped him out, and got credit and a banner image on their website1

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.10.20 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-10 at 11.33.02 PM

For more details and descriptions, check out the captions on the images; I’m trying to use galleries more since they make the blog posts easier to view, and it loads quicker, although I don’t think they work as well on mobile devices.

But alas.


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