A real blog post!

…Sort of…

To start out with, I thought I’d share this image of a wall-safe I found in the middle of the FSU Student Union: an oddity that in three years of attending school there, I had either never seen, or noticed before…


Then just a few images from a somewhat spontaneous drive down to the Saint Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge…


I also received the largest tub of creamy peanut butter EVER that afternoon…


Wonderful date to see a local amateur ballet performance; thanks to my photographer friend who took the photo even if we look super awkward…     ;-P


Saturday, after coaching, I photographed a bit of synchronized swimming: a rather unknown sport, but one that’s graceful, and super-awesome to spectate, and when the routines include leaps, lifts, throws, and spins, well…you can check out the small gallery of images HERE if you haven’t already seen them…

And then the rest of the weekend I shot the annual Atlantic Coast Conference Outdoor Track and Field Championships! For the second year in a row, FSU hosted the championship, and for the second year in a row, I attended and photographed it. However, this year, I actually held credentials, and was allowed access to the inside of the track, whereas last year I was relegated to the outside of the fence.


Below is the majority of what I submitted, including some shots of other school’s athletes that weren’t sent in.

Thank you for your time!

Best regards,

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