A Canopy Road


North Florida/South Georgia canopy roads are a unique and wonderful thing.

Sweeping two lane passages, where God kept the marvel of nature imminent and apparent enough that mankind said “Wait – these are sacred spaces.”

And indeed. Traveling along a canopy road is like visiting a natural cathedral – a veritable tabernacle where the vaulted ceilings aren’t stone or timber, but ancient oaks and other immense trees. And where the dappled light normally caused by stained glass, is here caused by dangling Spanish Moss and leaves fluttering in a slight breeze.

These. These are special places. These are the places you go when you need to clear your mind – when you’re weary and wary of the city. When your body needs a breath of fresh air and a glimpse of the sun, but your mind is clouded and seeking a shaded spot.

These roads are the breeding ground for romantics, for athletes, for petrol heads.

These roads are a breath of fresh air amidst a vast sea of concrete.

These roads are worth visiting; these roads are worth saving.

These trees are worth seeing; these trees are worth preserving.

Do yourself a favor, and take an hour or two out of your week to go see the ancient history surrounding some of the most peaceful roads in or around town.

See for yourself.

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