Since it’s been a bit since I’ve put up a blog post, I figured I’d scrape one together with the good bit of pictures that I’ve got floating around over the past month and a half or so.

To start, how about a product shot of a glistening (and tasty) beer? I was given some of these pale ales and have really taken a liking to them!


Then into synchronized swimming. Many of you may now that I actually performed at the local team’s water show last year, and while I did not hop in with them this year, I did want to go and photograph a bit since it’s one of their largest fundraisers, and I happen to be friends with the coaches, and now most of the girls.

My summer hasn’t involved as much shooting as I was doing during the spring, which is mostly a byproduct of working, school, and working out, but some days you just see an image in your mind and just HAPPEN to have your camera on you at the time, like this shot of the pool on a Saturday morning during swim practice warmup.


I’ve also picked up a couple paying jobs, which, although generate pretty solid money for me, are pretty boring. However, even during six+ hours of little kids’ piano recitals, there are still opportunities to be creative, and try to document the emotions of a stage performance.


I was also asked to volunteer my time and photograph a local charity bike ride: The Ride for Hope, where the proceeds go to benefit the local hospital’s cancer center. That culminated in over 2500+ images accumulating on my memory cards, and necessitating a trip to one of Florida State University’s libraries to make use of a far more powerful computer to cull through the files. In the end, I shared about 800 unedited JPEG files, and offered my professional edits to those that were interested, in exchange for a small donation. My two favorite images from the ride are below.


Then comes the GOOD stuff.

I may, or may not have bought a “Polaroid” camera. It’s not a true POLAROID polaroid, but it is a brand new, modern equivalent, produced by Fujifilm.

Now, if you just want to look at pictures, skip the following paragraph. But if you’re a technical nerd like myself, then read on for some giggles.

For camera geeks like myself, one of the things that we like to talk about is GAS, or “Gear Acquisition Syndrome,” which is the desire for new and better gear. One of the biggest upgrades that people like to see when buying a new camera, is literally BIGGER. For digital cameras, generally a bigger sensor is better. The sensor is equivalent to digital “film,” as in it takes the space of a piece of film in the camera body. Larger sensors mean several things: Better colors, better resolution, better (less) noise/grain in low light situations, and (generally) less depth of field (aka blurrier backgrounds). Phones and point and shoot cameras have tiny sensors, and therefore do rather poorly in the dark, and have a HUGE amount in focus. Then you get to typical DSLR cameras, in the $300-$1000 range, and the have much larger sensors, but are still smaller than the standard: 35mm film. Then you can step up to a “full frame” DSLR, which can run anywhere from $1500 to $6500, and are generally considered the best performers in the digital camera system. However, that’s not really true. Just like how you can purchase film that is larger than 35mm, you can purchase digital cameras with sensors larger than full frame! However, these systems run from $8000 on the “cheap” end, to over $20,000 for a full premium setup. WOW! And medium and large format film and cameras aren’t exactly cheap either. I priced large (8×10″) cameras the other day and the first items that popped up were in the $4500 range.

But look at this PRECISION drawing I made, comparing sensor sizes to the size of my Fuji instant film!


Conclusion? According to Wikipedia, large format is considered anything bigger than 6x9cm format, so TECHNICALLY Fuji Instax Wide is a large format system for under $100. However, given it extremely close dimensions to the 6×9 film, even I wouldn’t try and stretch my tall tale any further…

There you have it – my goofy argument that a $100 Polaroid look-a-like is equivalent to a much more expensive system…hehehe, well, I was amused.

If you skipped the geek-er-y, here are some of the shots I’ve taken, in no real particular order. Some have been scanned, either on a high quality scanner at FSU, or my home Canon machine, whilst others have been photographed with my phone before being given away.

Enjoy this abstract iPhone snap from the library while studying for an exam…


And a couple more random images!

My favorite shot from an evening photographing SWAT in near-darkness…


And an aerial of a local neighborhood park/green space with my brother’s new DJI Phantom 3 4K – MY first time flying it, but not his.


And then finally the photographical meat and bones of this post – the meet this past weekend. It was a three and a half day affair, running Thursday-Sunday evening, basically 6am to 9pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I coached probably around 15 hours, and was there for a total of six sessions, three of which I didn’t coach at, I just wanted to support my team and shoot during. I probably captured between 1400 and 1800 images, all told between three cameras, but I didn’t actually stop to count.

These aren’t all of the images – check my Facebook business page for those – but these are a selection of my favorites, for those who either haven’t seen the FB posts, or are social media-averse.

After looking at the selections I made, you can see the trend of shooting from the side of the pool that I’ve become taken with. I got bored with head on pictures of butterfly and breastroke, and it’s virtually impossible to get an impressive shot of freestyle from head on, and water bending photos are much easier to capture from a lateral perspective.


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