Hello! Just a quick post with some images that may or may not have already been posted to various social media, for those that enjoy a bit more brief commentary or who just don’t like Facebook. 😉

First, some random assorted photos:


^In a puddle in my driveway


^Downtown off Calhoun


^Proud of being a grasshopper-whisperer28363062651_03999053c8_k

Then some assorted swim meet photos!

Then I’ve been a bit vain and wanted some high-quality pictures of myself, but I’m also all about letting/teaching others how to use pro camera gear…


^Taken by a fellow coach and soon-to-be collegiate swimmer, post-processed by me28022118784_be4060bb40_k

^Taken by a 12-year-old I coach, post-processed by me


^Taken by a 12-year-old I coach, post-processed by me

Now for some creative, artsy-fartsy experimenting!


I haven’t gotten an off-center composition that I like yet, but I haven’t given up!

And then, I was hired to shoot some NPF (National Pro Fastpitch) Softball! The USSSA Pride (a South Florida team) hired me to shoot some games in town versus the Scrap Yard Dawgs (a Texas Team). These are just a few of the 1400+ frames I shot over three games.

Oh, and one last random photo: a Fujifilm Instant print that I scanned and tweaked so as to best represent the original piece of film.

It also happens to be a personal favorite – a peak at some relatively well-hidden but amusing graffiti on FSU Campus.


And with that – I’m out for now! Back to studying for my summer semester final!

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