Thursday, was the return of FSU Women’s Soccer to its home venue! The planned home-opener versus rival UF was canceled due to Hurricane Hermine. Unlike last year, I was feeling pretty prepared and on top of my shooting game coming into this season. I had a teleconverter, new glass on order, and I’d brushed up on some U14 soccer a few weeks earlier.

Friday I had off from shooting to do some school work, relax, and coach.

Then, on Saturday, I got to shoot my second FSU football game ever – the 2016 home opener in our newly-renovated stadium, versus Charleston Southern University. Hopes and emotions were certainly not at a peak for the game versus CSU – with some 30 suspensions (16 for our game) on their team. But, I took that, and the 90+ degree temperatures in stride, and practiced shooting with a fixed 300mm focal length. I need to brush up and shoot some high school ball in between now and my next FSU home game, but I was fairly happy with the results from Saturday.

And some photos of the photographers…

Then Sunday morning was the final Tallahassee Youth Triathlon Series (YTS) race. I greatly enjoy going out and photographing them as a way to give back to a community that has given me so much. However, after football the day before, I wasn’t really feeling it that much. And I definitely wasn’t feeling toting around a camera with a big zoom on it. Show I decided I would get creative and bring just one fixed focal length, fairly wide-angle lens, and see what I could do.

And then yesterday, I shot FSU vs Troy soccer. Although not an exemplary match for either team, and a long one at that (into overtime, golden goal, for FSU to win 1-0…), I thought what I captured was alright.

As always, thank you for taking the time out of your day to check out what I’ve shot, and if it was a bit of an overload – my apologies. This is culled from ~3500+ images over the four days. As we get into the rest of fall, I will try to keep my posts reasonable in length, without skimping on images.

Best regards, and thanks again!

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