Last week I was pretty disappointed with my photo performances at the end of the week.

Before yesterday, I hadn’t touched the camera seriously since Saturday. But I brought it out with the 300mm to shoot a little bit of my high school swim group playing waterpolo yesterday…

And then FSU Soccer returned to Tallahassee and the Seminole Soccer Complex to play their first home match in 25 days! We were to face Duke – the team that shut us out 2-0 in the Women’s College Cup Final Four last year, and coming into yesterday’s match they were ranked 4 spots better than we were.

And MAN! I thought it was a pretty good match – it turned into a defensive dog fight with the FSU defense keeping out all of Duke’s numerous shots, and finishing 1-0 in golden goal overtime.


And I will leave you with the final two (and my favorite two) images for this post.

Cassie Miller saved shot after shot last night – for SURE earning her “keep” on the team and her scholarship money.


And lastly, my favorite shot of the match: a sharp image, that I exposed correctly, even at ISO 10,000 (!!!!), proving that with some nice gear, but not the best, if you get the exposure right on, the images can be pretty cool. In fact, this is the out of camera JPG file…I actually liked it better than my tweaked RAW file!


And with that, I will leave you. Thanks for your time, and have a happy Friday!

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