I don’t photograph a whole lot of football. It is for SURE not my best sport to cover. However, last night I felt like I had a pretty stellar game. But within the first couple plays, I knew it was going to be a strong evening for me, and by the time I’d finally managed to leave FSU, I had culled down my 850+ images to 135, and out of those 135 I put on the computer, I kept 66. And it was a night game…

But—pride aside—let’s get into images.

This was the first FSU football game that I arrived early enough to watch the team get off the bus when they arrived at the stadium, two hours prior to kick-off.

It was was very interesting—a quiet, family affair, where the players got off in the bus, and had the opportunity to hug and shake the hands of family and friends.

After I shot the pre-game team arrival, I headed up to grab a snack in the Press Box, then decided to find my way up to the newly-built Champions Club, and await the fireworks that usually accompany a night game. I got kind of bored waiting, so I grabbed some pictures of fans, and the pre-game warmup and stuff that normally I’d be on field for. It’s just a bit of a different perspective.




After the fireworks finished, I RAN back down to the field, and was able to get down in time for the first play…

MAN! I wish this had been an interception FOR FSU not against us…but oh well—I was pretty thrilled with the images.

And finally some pictures of CAMERAS! HA! I think it’s pretty cool to watch the video people, and their equipment—even if they’re horribly, HORRIBLY obnoxious on the sidelines.

Thanks for your time, and I hope you enjoyed this selection of my shots from yesterday!


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  1. Nice collection of images. Looks as though you were all over the field. Nice opening image of the stadium.