I started doing a photo series about Finals Week three or four semesters ago, I think. It was a way to engage my creative brain and find a relaxing outlet for my anxiety amidst the chaos and stress of finals.

This year, the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering had its exam week the week before FSU Main Campus. So I had an exam on Statics (think bridges/structures, stuff that doesn’t move…) on Monday, and then an Engineering Economy exam on Tuesday, and then a full week until my next and final final.

Sunday, the first day of the first week of finals:

Breakfast with my dear

Monday, consumed with studying for the impending exams, as I had been studying for the previous three or four days:

A look at what the ultimate goal


After my second exam…
Getting comforted (licked) after my second exam…

Then, in addition to the stress of studying for exams, finishing homework, and in general just tying up the end of the semester, the pool heater for the main swim team pool broke, and our entire schedule and location ended up being switched up.

So I had the opportunity to wander a bit after dropping my brother off one day, and just work on some composition and relax.


Still at the other pool, I thought I’d take the DJI up for a night flight and see what I could get.
I thought the nighttime pool results were pretty epic.


Spend the majority of the morning studying, and working with a super-smart long-time friend as she helped tutor me, then a bit of relaxing before I went to practice to coach.

Friday, with friends:


Saturday is for studying:


Sunday, spent four or five hours studying, then shot the annual FSU v UF Men’s Basketball game. An epic shootout:


Cat at the house I was housesitting/dogsitting at.
An evening after editing photos and reviewing physics


Monday, I was still not at home. I was asked to house/dog sit:

So while I was out there, I took the opportunity to learn a little about a farrier’s job, played with the pup, then went to study. Again. Hooray.

Tuesday, the nerves and dread about what may be my most important, and hardest final set in, and the weather seems to reflect my mood:


Wednesday, finals day. Physics II:

I mustache you a question: Will there be a curve?

And now—it’s all done. One way or another I can relax, get back to marathon training (weeeeeeeeeeee… 😉 ) and enjoy the holidays. Until grades are released…

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