A shootout between two teams whose combined losses totaled a mere three, it remained scoreless for the majority of the 80-minute regulation period, but when Leon scored on a Rumenik flip-throw, Navarre was quick to respond, whereupon it remained tied through the two 10-minute overtimes, eventually resulting in a Leon loss 4-3 in penalty kicks.

Below is a selection of some of my game photos—shooting with the 300 f/4 pushes my ISO up to some CRAZY high levels (aka 25,600)…but I thought my results were fair, at least.

Nice, slow shutter speed of 1/50s to try and get some extreme motion blur.
I just loved the Navarre keeper’s expression…
Leon’s Rumenik’s flip throw-ins were pretty much the only reason I came to the match…
I mean…
Celebration after the first goal of the game, and Leon’s one and only.
Just clean
Intense—getting after the ball!
One of my favorites that wasn’t a flip throw-in!
Gotta save a shot that’s a funny face!
Goin’ in for the slide…

Hope all is well for you readers! Check back after this weekend for what I hope will be some fun and exciting swim shots! Got a big invitational meet here in Tallahassee this weekend that I will be coaching at, and hopefully shooting a bit of.

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