Here are four synchronized swimming images I took Wednesday night—with a similar two-strobe setup to the ones I took mid-december. Always fun and a challenge to figure out the timing and a dynamic way to light this beautiful sport.

Do remember…on all of these lifts, the girls’ feet never touch the bottom of the pool!32656410265_3ae02d1f4f_k32656407425_58ca221f0d_k32615748746_7950af493f_k32615752956_0c127eb830_k

But also…some readers may notice that my website looks a little different. I no longer have a static/splash page with my portfolio, my blog posts appear with larger featured images, and the menu options are immediately apparent at the top of any page.

These changes (and a few more less apparent theme color changes) were mostly an accident. I was trying to change and tweak a few small things to make the past website a bit more like my vision of what it should look like. And then OOPS I ended up screwing it up FAR more than I expected. Which ultimately resulted in almost a day’s worth of fixing and tweaking and redoing.

However, I do think that several of the changes are nice and pertinent. However, without investing a little more of my own money into the website, I don’t think it will get much closer to my desired vision. For now though—my apologies on the accidental Facebook posts that got shared automatically from WordPress last night and this morning, and I hope it’s aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly to you all, the readers.

Thanks as always for taking the time to visit the page!


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