I love printing images. I especially like printing images large, or on unique mediums.

However, I don’t normally print many photos myself—just for kicks and giggles—as I don’t have a ton of money or wall space. That being said, I ordered a metal print from AdoramaPix this Christmas for my father, and it turned out pretty stunning. So when they ran an online deal, $5 for an 8×10″ metal print, I jumped. But I wanted to try something new. I wanted to print some photos that I had taken on my iPhone 5s. One that I took around February last year, and one that I took just a few weeks ago.


This “aerial” photo of my dog Eva, I snapped last February, standing on the arm of a big chair in our living room, as she soaked up the afternoon sun. This was edited almost exclusively on my iPhone, but I did tweak the image just a bit in Adobe Lightroom before I ordered the print.


This slightly more abstract image was taken one morning in between swim practices that I was coaching, as the warm 9am sun was glistening in morning dew drops on some plants around the pool. This WAS edited exclusively on my iPhone.


And then a picture of the prints after I received the one of Eva today! I promise they look FAR better in person. I was actually more impressed with the slightly more matte finish I ordered on these versus the luster finish that I ordered with the print for my father.

People talk about “resolution” and “sensor size” and all that jazz, and I am a huge tech nerd and like having the best of the best, but honestly, I love taking photos with my iPhone, and sometimes I would have preferred one of my two DSLRs, but lots of the time I am perfectly satisfied with what comes out of the phone.

Wishing everyone a pleasant Tuesday,

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