So coming in to the weekend, I knew I was going to shoot some Women’s Hoops, and then at least one game of Softball. But I knew that there were some different combinations of lenses that I wanted to try out, just to see how they fared. For WBB, I wanted to shoot with a 50mm lens on my full-frame body (like on my last game that I shot) and then use my crop-sensor body with the 80-200mm. This combo ended up disappointing me, mostly because the crop-sensor falters in low light. Then I wanted to shoot with the 300mm and teleconverter (510mm) on the full frame and use the 80-200 on the crop sensor outside for softball. This worked slightly better, but I still swapped things around. I wasn’t TOO pleased with how it all turned out, but I still got some interesting images.

Wide shot in the tunnel pre-game
As I was getting ready to leave the game, I noticed that Sue’s white jacket provided stark contrast to the black curtain behind her, and I put the 300mm lens with a teleconverter (510mm) on my full frame body for a really tight shot with a lot of black background
510mm blurs the background out nicely.
At en equivalent 700+ mm, this was hardly cropped at all.
Again, hardly a crop here, out at 700+mm
Wish this wasn’t so tight, but the catcher missed the ball and was over the plate, and AP CRASHED into her

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