Several days ago I posted about a potential gallery exhibit idea of my work so that I and others can appreciate my own pieces printed large, and to offer interested individuals the opportunity to purchase (or donate to charity) a limited-edition large print.

Since I shared the post (here, on Facebook, and Twitter) there have been several inquiries as to the price. So I took the time to work out the pricing of prints, with a VERY ROUGH guesstimate of potential frame pricing (without a mat), then the cost of shipping…

I had originally posted some raw photo prices here. I have never been out to make money off of my printed works. I charge for the cost of the shoot, and then let clients make up their own minds about ordering prints through me (basically at cost of print rounded up) or printing themselves. However, it was kindly pointed out to me that many other photographers do attempt to make money off of prints, and posting my pricing publicly could undercut them — which is not my goal. SO! If you have interest in supporting my project, shoot me an email at and I have a PDF of potential pricing that we can discuss privately.

Best regards, and thank you for the continuing interest and support!

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