This was a busy week — I worked 40+ hours this week, and started summer class as well. I knocked off four photo shoots as well: two paid shoots, and then two unpaid softball shoots. So I thought I’d throw up some images from the shoots this week!

Shoot #1 was for a local ice cream and popsicle shop: their big draw is hand-rolled ice cream!


I played around with my camera a bit at the pool Thursday night (I think):


Friday I also enjoyed a drive down one of the prettiest canopy roads in town!


Shoot #2 was the first game FSU Softball played in the Tallahassee NCAA Regional.


Shoot #3 was for a local fitness company here in town; I haven’t gone through and edited the images yet, but here’s one I picked to edit for the blog post.


I played around and shot some iPhone images this morning — before going out to brunch with my lovely girlfriend.


Shoot #4 was the “final” of the Tallahassee NCAA Softball Regional today.


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