As a photographer, I seek to create timeless works of art — memories for the future — for my friends, family, and clients. However, I often fail to dedicate the time and effort to create the same sort of images for and of myself.

This past April, when my lovely girlfriend Madison and I celebrated one year of dating each other (of her putting up with my adolescent humor, farting, and burping…) we decided that part of our “celebration” was to try and get some nice professional pictures done by one of our mutual friends: Kaitlyn Dressel. However, things fell through, and I ended up doing our own photos, via tripod and self-timer. All things considered, I thought they were not bad at all! (See the next three images, below)




But one of the things that both Madison and I decided afterwards, was that we were still going to try and get Kaitlyn to do some photos of us in the coming months. Last Wednesday was that day. We planned out the evening, what we were wearing, and Kaitlyn took care of locations. It was a solid two hours of laughter and smiles, and I think the resulting images are wonderful.

Having someone else take your photos frees you to be yourself — there’s no pressure to wear multiple hats of creative, photographer, editor, lover, driver, etc. You show up, you wear your happy boyfriend hat, and everything flows so much more smoothly.

I wanted to give one last shout out to Kaitlyn Dressel: not only was she a talented swimmer (now-turned swim coach!), she’s a passionate artist, art teacher, and a truly-talented local photographer. Visit her website for more her work and to get in touch with her.

Below is a small selection of the edited shots from last week.













Thank you for taking the time to appreciate another photographer’s art — and I’m sorry if the shots are a bit cheesy. But I like promoting talented friends when I can, and Madison and I were both flattered and smitten with Kaitlyn’s pictures.


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