First full game of basketball that I’ve shot this season (I shot one half of hoops earlier, before Thanksgiving), and I shot it for Charleston Southern. Fairly pleased with the results, need to get back into practice a little more, but this is my favorite sport to shoot: expect to see more of it in the coming months.39161358171_ee2bcb78ef_k39161366451_b3dc5d0f03_k24300169417_5835939920_k24300179407_52f1cbacfc_k27383997189_4d56deedc5_k24300205127_a99c3c492c_k39161433281_8d657fbf9d_k39161441401_51c9b8c025_k39161647101_80d97f5f2d_k38281610945_733880fe55_k39161442551_bb7d35ea88_k39161443431_0aeabb2de2_k39161450361_a474e225b9_k39161462851_c83d66f674_k38454066634_95da3cf908_k38281601575_af1e3b5fb2_k

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