A Compendium of Relevant Reviews

Otherwise known as “A List of Things…”

As many people know, I’m a gadget person: I like ThInGs that DO STUFF. On top of that, and almost to a fault, I’m an obsessive review reader; I greatly enjoy perusing the internet (and books, magazines, etc.!) and poring over professional reviews, blogs, YouTube videos, and anything else I can find that talks about whatever I’m considering getting or buying.

While I don’t have the time to devote to a zillion, multi-page reviews filled with beautiful product imagery, I have wanted for quite a while to put my thoughts up about the things I use and enjoy every day.

So, in this series, I am challenging myself (and hope that at least some of you readers enjoy it) to write a blog post / review per week, including at least one or two photos taken by me, specifically for the review; I hope that not only can I helpfully inform people, but that I can strengthen my writing (and maybe get some critiques), as well as force myself to imagine and create tasteful images, rather than reusing old ones or taking scummy iPhone shots…

That in mind, I will try and update this blog post, as well as add a tab on my homescreen menu with the future posts as I write them.

Best, and thank you as always,

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