In a surprising event this past Thursday, I was gifted a Rolex — more specifically, a vintage Rolex Air-King 5500, with the cal. 1520 movement, circa 1964–1967. I was informed that it had been serviced a few years ago, and then lived in a dresser drawer unworn.

So far, in the first measurement (over 60 hours), it’s been running around 40 s/day fast, but I’m hoping that between not having been worn consistently in recent years, and being some 50+ years old, that it will level out after a few days of wearing. Truth be told, under +/- 60 s/day is still pretty solid for a vintage piece though. (*Edit: as of June 2, the watch is averaging around +20 s/d)

For such a cool, unique, and sudden addition to my watch collection, I took the time to set up, take, and edit a few images of the “new” piece.






*And as a later edit:


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