Summer tends to be a slump for most sports-centric photographers: collegiate athletics are out of session, and most photogenic professional sports are either out of session as well, or generally inaccessible.

As the academic summer concludes (the calendar summer will conclude at the end of September), things ramp back up again. The high school and college variants of football, soccer, and swimming return, and people of all sorts begin to need miscellaneous photos for projects of all kinds.

I thought that I would share some of the photos from the intervening weeks since my last post, during that final summer slump, before I end up either being too busy to share, or the images become irrelevant.

In that time, I’ve shot portraits, two corporate gigs, some swim meet stuff, I traveled to Jacksonville to race, and then to Atlanta; I shot FSU football practice, a lot of watch images, and found a couple beautiful butterflies in my front yard.

From the final swim meet of the summer:

Contemplative Peyton
AK ready to go and hand out winners leis.

Over the last year, I’ve become a big watch nerd — at one point including stopwatches I had eight pieces in my collection. One I gifted to my brother, who promptly broke it, through what I think was no real fault of his own. One I’m about to sell. And then there are these two, which have become my go-to daily watches; I alternate between them every other day. They’re very different sized pieces, but they match most everything, and especially the Seiko is virtually indestructible.

Seiko SKX007 on an aftermarket bracelet
Gifted vintage Rolex Air-King, on my wrist: I thought the colors and patterns contrasted nicely here. (I didn’t take this shot — one of our family friends who shares a passion for photography helped my realize my vision for it after I explained what I had in mind.)
The same Seiko on a different strap — a super-tough orange NATO; all together on a Hawaiian shirt to complete the beach/aquatic theme.

I haven’t many photos worthy of posting from my out of town trips: the artsy stuff I shot in Jacksonville was on film that isn’t yet developed, and I was only there for less than 24 hours. My time in Atlanta wasn’t nearly as brief, but was focused more on spending time with my girlfriend.

One of my girlfriend’s sister’s baby bearded dragons.
Not from an out of town trip, rather, an in-town bike ride; I thought the large concrete slabs and lack of windows interesting on this structure in FSU’s College Town.

Now, for some soccer shots (or rather, futbol, if you’re not American). I photographed very few matches last season, and I am on a mission to rectify that this year. FSU Women have played three home games so far, and I’ve been to all three — but only photographed the latter two. Here are a couple select few images from this matches. Expect to see more as the season progresses.






And then for the beautiful butterflies that I found in my front yard! I’m somewhat eager to order some large prints of these — preferably on canvas. Let me know if you’re interested in one!




Good luck and best regards to everyone in the coming months — thank you as always for taking the time to peruse my images.


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