Back in September, I was in Sarasota, Florida, visiting my girlfriend, and we went to a coffee shoppe (a pastime of mine…), and I ran across a really cool little table that was a chevron pattern made of thin (about 1″x1″) boards. This sparked an idea that went through several iterations, ultimately resulting in a cooperative project with my carpenter father, and the production of a convertible coffee–dining table.

In my new apartment in Gainesville, Georgia, I don’t have a ton of room to fit both a coffee table, and a dining table with chairs. So the table features removable legs, so that now, it is the height of a coffee table, and the right height to sit at to eat, but eventually it could be raised up to the right height to make a dining table for four to six people.

It also might eventually feature a glass topper that fits inside the lip on the outside, but for the moment, (and the immediate future) I doubt that will happen. It’s coated in polyurethane, which I don’t particularly like the look of, and would have preferred just a stained finish, however, I understand that the durability of the table is far superior with the poly, and considering how much has already been dropped/spilled on it, I’ll take it.

It’s a durable, beautiful table that was a joint effort between father and son, and despite being told “You’re not engineering a ****ing bridge or building, you’re building a piece of furniture,” and to “…[stop] doing so much math,” the end result is one developed from my own plans, refined by my father’s (admittedly less-mathematical but more experienced) brain, and is a piece of furniture that I hope will last for years to come.

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