Nikon 105 Macro

So, since I moved from Tallahassee to north Georgia, having finished school and taken a “real,” “adult” job, my photography needs and pursuits have changed substantially. No longer am I regularly photographing D1 college sports, or high-action club swimming. Rather, I’ve moved towards “adventure” and documentarian style as I go on hikes, and generally explore my new home. In addition, as I appreciate watches, and look to expand my timepiece collection, I want to be able to do some closer-up, creative imagery.

So, I decided to thin out my collection of lenses, and trade in for a new lens — the Nikon 105mm f/2.8 macro; the medium telephoto replaced my 10.5mm fisheye, an 18-35mm zoom, my 80-200mm all-arounder, the compact 300mm super-tele, AND my teleconverter, leaving me with the brand new 105, and my vintage manual focus 24mm f/2.8.

That was Monday, and that evening, I went out to a local park to play around with the new lens…

On my way home from the park, I ran across a model train expo!

Tuesday and Wednesday I played around a bit more in anticipation of writing this post…

Then, Thursday, I shot this (new bike shoes on my BMX bike) before going to ride:

Annndddd then while riding…fell and broke my clavicle, and my radius close to the elbow.

Which, unfortunately means that now I’m in a rather large amount of pain and discomfort, unable to ride, and largely unable to shoot much more for a post about the new lens. (With the one exception of this Gerber multi-tool that Ive been using as a third hand while the dominant one is useless in a splint and sling…

That being said, I’ll summarize my thoughts on it briefly, as:

Sharp and flexible, though larger than I expected, and bringing with it the typical challenges of cloys-ep photography, that I’ve not yet mastered — stability, focus, and lighting. Stay tuned for updates and more photos with the new lens in the coming weeks and months.

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