With some recent issues popping up with my car, and the current, ever-present coronavirus pandemic, my adventures have been curtailed a bit.

That being said, I figured that I could share some images here; many of these have been shared elsewhere. My recent re-addition of a 50mm lens to my collection has re-inspired me to carry the camera on adventures, and I have enjoyed shooting to tell stories, not just to create one super scenic image.

First up, a rainy day adventure around Lake Rabun to find Minnehaha Falls. (Jan. 18)

Then the view south from Georgia’s highest point — Brasstown Bald. (Jan. 20)

Rapids along Amicalola Creek, under Georgia State Route 53: “Edge of the World…” (Feb. 25)

Raven Cliff Falls Trail…admittedly I did not actually make it to Raven Cliff Falls, but I will go back out sometime soon.

Then, two separate trips to Duke’s Creek Falls.

An excursion down a portion of the AT, off Richard B Russell Scenic Byway, at Hogpen Gap. (Feb. 29)

Bridge hunting in the boondocks… (Mar. 2)

Upper and Lower Desoto Falls (Mar. 4)

Nat’l Forest north of Helen (two trips)

High Shoals Falls (Mar. 14)

Lake Russell Nat’l Rec Area, and Unnamed Falls (two trips)

Panther Creek Trail & Falls (Mar. 21)

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