“Sleep with one eye open / Gripping your pillow tight / Exit light / Enter night…”

Seiko (a massive Japanese brand) is well known in the watch community for their affordable, yet durable dive watches; these watches are also well-known for their "lume" — the luminescent paint applied to the hands and indices.  Balancing the exposure needed to get a "lume shot" where the paint is noticeably glowing, without under-exposing the [...]

My Perennial High School Football Game, and Some Randomness

Somehow, I almost always end up shooting a high school football game or two each season, and this year, that remained true: I shot the state semifinal between local Florida High, and their challenger — King's Academy. It was an offensive shoot-out, ending in a heartbreaking (for Florida High) 48–49 with the Seminoles missing out [...]