Several Days with a Railroad-Grade Illinois Pocket Watch

Post- Civil War, as Americans pushed west, and the trains that carried them and their goods expanded respectively, it became apparent that professional time-keeping was critical to the burgeoning culture of coast-to-coast transportation and citizenship. In 1891, after a train collision in Ohio, Webb C. Ball was appointed as "Chief Time Inspector," and tasked with [...]

On Steel Watches & Bracelets, and Watch Photography

As many friends and readers may have realized, over the past year I've become increasingly fascinated with watches — especially those with timeless or unique designs, and those powered by mechanical movements. Prior to last August, my black rubber and plastic Garmin Forerunner 235 suited me perfectly for everyday wear, with its variety of fitness [...]

Summer Closure

Summer tends to be a slump for most sports-centric photographers: collegiate athletics are out of session, and most photogenic professional sports are either out of session as well, or generally inaccessible. As the academic summer concludes (the calendar summer will conclude at the end of September), things ramp back up again. The high school and [...]