Pricing / Investment

In the age of the ever-present smart phone, everyone is a photographer, as such, professional photographers and their varied roles as artists, technicians, retouchers, personable people, story-tellers, and historians are undervalued and under-appreciated.

Hiring a professional photographer means hiring a person with the above skillset(s) to elevate your personal and professional imagery into instant and memorable classics set to stun the public and future generations, generating smiles, revenue, and memories for years to come.

Final pricing is determined on a per-client basis, but starts as follows:

  • Private shoots or individual portrait sessions: $150 per session
  • Corporate/business shoots, INDOORS and within 30 minutes of Tallahassee: $100/ on-site hr + 30% extra to cover transportation and editing costs
  • Corporate/business shoots not indoors and/or within 30 minutes driving distance of Tallahassee: $150/hr for outdoor events; driving mileage is to be reimbursed at the standard IRS rate (as of 2018, 54.5 cents per mile); + 30% surcharge
  • College football: $300/game including photos pre-game, at halftime, and immediately post-game (more frequent or specific photo requests include up-charges)
  • College basketball/softball/soccer: $175/game
  • High school or club sports: $150/game

Please contact me to discuss details, or negotiate a different price. I wish to be able to cater to each client’s needs and financial means, but I must also cover my own costs, and do my best to not undercut industry standards by devaluing the work and pricing structure of other local photographers. (Additionally, please see my terms and conditions page.)

Please note that any images I post HERE (or on social media) are available for PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you see fit to use them, please consider taking an extra second and tagging me in the post so others have a chance to view my work and visit my page(s); if you feel so inspired or appreciative, please consider using the PayPal donate button below to help me continue my pursuit of creating and sharing inspiring images.

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