Terms & Conditions

No one likes to read lengthy legal contracts or terms and conditions. So I’ll do my best to keep it short and sweet; for a long time, I avoided writing this page, but after several recent issues and miscommunications, feel that is has unfortunately become necessary.

  1. Should payment be made up-front, prior to image delivery (the easiest and most preferential means of operation for dollar amounts under $500): Following payment and the photo shoot, I will cull, edit, and deliver the final images in whatever means were discussed prior to the shoot.
    • If there is an issue in delivery or image quality of the final images, please direct any concerns to me — I aim to please and will work with you on a solution: re-touching/re-editing, re-shoots, or refunds.
    • If you opt for a total refund, I ask that you delete and discard any images I delivered, and do not use them on social media or for professional/commercial use: any use after a refund implies you were not displeased, took my money with the intent to maintain usage of the images, and I will pursue damages.
    • For payment amounts in excess of $500, I accepted 40-60% payment up-front, and then the remaining amount upon delivery and acceptance of the final images and their quality, with the above points remaining the same.
  2. If you would prefer to be a little more involved in the editing process, and work on a Shoot –> Proof –> Edit –> Delivery basis, where I shoot the photos, and then provide UNEDITED proofs for approval and selection, THEN I edit and deliver, I am open to that option; this is a more time-consuming process, and as such, prices will be higher.
    • For this method, if payment is to be delayed until image delivery, please note that while I am open to discussion about re-editing, if I stand behind the final image quality, I WILL NOT DO RESHOOTS WITHOUT RECEIVING COMPENSATION.
    • Please note, as mentioned above, that proofs will be UNEDITED (un-cropped, un-color corrected) or VERY LIGHTLY edited: keep this in mind when viewing and selecting the images.
  3. Please note, by accepting, paying for, or in any other manner, agreeing to participate in a photo shoot as a subject, assistant, or observer, you:
    • Relinquish I, R. Colin Abbey and Colin Abbey’s Photography’s from any fault in accidents during, or as the result of, a photo shoot, and abstain from blaming the aforementioned entities in the case of personal injury or property damage.
    • (Unless previously discussed) Acknowledge and give permission to R. Colin Abbey and Colin Abbey’s Photography to use photos from your photo shoot for publication online and in/on social media for marketing purposes.
    • R. Colin Abbey and Colin Abbey’s Photography will retain the copyrights and rights to usage for ALL PHOTOS from the photo shoot, including those not selected for editing and delivery to the client.
    • Unless YOU/the client is a corporation and the client-photographer agreement is such, the delivery of un-watermarked, edited, final images warrants the client a license for private/personal/non-commercial use ONLY.

In order to keep all parties honest in the process of a photo shoot, I prefer to communicate details in writing — i.e. text message(s) and email. I welcome phone calls to discuss ideas and desires, but prefer save-able media for decided details.

With that out of the way, photography and photo shoots should be FUN and EXCITING! Problems are infrequent, but make terms and conditions necessary. I can’t wait to work with you, feel free to reach out and get in touch!